2021 Staff Professional Development Conference

The 2021 Staff Professional Development Conference was held on July 15, 2021 virtually. If you missed it or would like to see a session check out the recordings and documents below.

Keynote Speaker: Arika Pierce is a Leadership Coach, attorney, author and speaker. She is the author of The Millennial’s Playbook to Adulting and the 7 Daily Habits of Successful
Millennial Leaders and hosts The Millennial Boardroom podcast.

Addressing Food and Housing Insecurity Among Students
Presented by: Annaka Sikkink, Employee Development & Engagement Coordinator, NC State University, and Mary Haskett, Professor in Psychology, NC State University
Food and housing insecurity among college students has been observed in institutions across the country, and Raleigh is no exception. Among NC State students, surveys have shown that almost 10% of students have experienced homelessness in any one year period. Groups at especially high risk include first generation students, international students, LGBTQ+ students, and students of color. This presentation will discuss these efforts to ensure basic needs security for our students. Participants will have opportunities to brainstorm about how their campuses might be able to get involved and to network to share best practices within the CRC community

Meals To Go
Presented by: Tom & Rachel Sullivan, Creators
“Last week, I found out my husband had a secret Instagram account.” A now-viral TikTok video began with this phrase, after Instagram suggested to Rachael Sullivan she follow her own husband, Tom Sullivan, on the
app. Tom had created the secret account to document the meals he had been preparing for Rachael to help regulate her hormones. The Raleigh local’s videos caught the attention of the Rachel Ray Show and the Today
Show who featured the Sullivan’s and the account took off. With all the food Tom had been cooking there was always plenty left over so they began sharing with a neighbor, a student at NC State. TikTok videos about
“College Kid Kevin” have also gone viral and followers are helping to fund their project. Tom and Rachael are hoping to help more local students by preparing healthy meals and inviting students who are in need to come
pick up to go meals. In this discussion you will hear the Sullivan’s story and discuss ways CRC institutions can connect students with their new program Meals To Go.

Emotional Bootcamp: How to Support Your Community Through Transitions
Presented by: Ashley Boarders, Assistant Director of Student Involvement, William Peace University
We are constantly going through changes and transitions. This presentation will discuss tools to enhance your leadership style, in a way that helps your students and staff navigate through those changes. We will provide resources and activities to assist you in better supporting your students and staff.

Leadership Strategies for Scholar-Practitioners
Presented by: Dr. LaMont Johnson, Associate Professor of Practical Ministry
Shaw University
This session is designed to introduce conference participants to current leadership trends and strategies. Focusing on the convergent theories and practices of scholar-practitioner research, the session will incorporate an interactive, dialectic approach. Specifically, utilizing Four I’s of Transformational Leadership: Idealized Influence (II); Intellectual Stimulation (IS); Inspirational Motivation (IM); and, Individualized Consideration (IC), to ground the discussion.

Financial Literacy with an Investment Advisor
Presented by: Fifth Thirds Bank
This presentation will include general banking, establishing credit, small business and investment banking. Participants will learn how to establish credit, start a business and invest.

Cultural Competence
Gerald Cobb, Implementation Professional, NC State University
This session will provide an in depth assessment of cultural awareness and explore the necessary knowledge, ability and skill to incorporate these core competencies within the university infrastructure.