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Dr. Warwick Arden | Provost
North Carolina State University
President of Board

CRC is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with the Board of Directors composed of the presidents and chancellor of the member colleges and universities, chairs of the three key administrative committees and the organization’s director.

President | Wake Technical Community College​
President | Shaw University
Dr. Randy Woodson
Chancellor | NC State University​
Mr. Charles Maimone
VP of Finance | NC State University

Early Leadership

The first coordinator, Dr. John A. Yarbrough, Professor of Biology and Head of the Department of Biology at Meredith College, served on key committees leading to the founding of CRC. He met with committees that put the founding ideas into appropriate structures and coordinated the appearance of outstanding guest lecturers. Mr. M. Austin Connors, who followed Dr. John A. Yarbrough, attended national conferences to keep fellow educators abreast of ideas and initiated an extensive project that involved cooperating with community libraries. Dr. Julius P. Freeman, formerly head of Teacher Education for the State Department of Public Instruction, North Carolina, during 1977-1981 initiated publication of the CRC News, a newsletter circulated among the member institutions, and organized a celebration of the tenth anniversary of CRC held in the McKimmon Center at North Carolina State University.

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Cooperating Raleigh Colleges

Cooperating Raleigh Colleges is a nonprofit consortium that promotes collaboration among higher education institutions in Raleigh, NC and with the Wake County community. We encourage the sharing of knowledge and resources among those who live in our community.

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