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This Committee consists of senior level administrators of the CRC Institutions.

This committee consists of the CRC institutions' CFO's and Vice Presidents of Finance.

The Disability Services Directors meet to discuss disability services for cross-registered students and best practices.

The Entrepreneurship Committee meets regularly to discuss and provide access to events for students across the six CRC campuses pertaining to becoming an entrepreneur.

The Human Resources Offices of the six CRC institutions meet regularly to discuss federal and state guidelines, best practices, and updates from each campus.

The CRC office coordinates annual meetings for the Library Directors as well as a yearly Professional Development Workshop for all Library staff members.

This group of SGA officers serve as the collective voice of students in higher education to develop a blueprint for future leaders, leverage the collective resources of each institution, and advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusivity for our community-at-large.

All Registrars Offices meet regularly as a part of CRC.

This group of Campus Police Chiefs, Facilities Managers, Operations Officers, and Emergency Management Offices meets annually and participates in Workshops to make our campuses more secure and work together in the case of a City wide emergency.

CRC hosts Professional Development sessions and a Workshop available to newer staff members to the organization. The Planning Committee meets monthly to organize events.

The Deans of Students, Vice Presidents of Student Affairs, and Directors of Student Activities, meet annually to discuss projects and collaborations.

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Cooperating Raleigh Colleges

Cooperating Raleigh Colleges is a nonprofit consortium that promotes collaboration among higher education institutions in Raleigh, NC and with the Wake County community. We encourage the sharing of knowledge and resources among those who live in our community.

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