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Cooperating Raleigh Colleges is a nonprofit consortium promoting cooperating and collaboration among higher education institutions in Raleigh and Wake County. Its members are Meredith College, NC State University, William Peace University, Saint Augustine’s University, Shaw University and Wake Technical Community College.

What does cooperating mean to us?

Bringing together students, faculty and staff from the six campuses.  

Connecting our colleges and universities to the community. We believe working together fosters creativity and problem-solving and saves valuable time and resources.

Students can take courses at other Raleigh colleges and share library and other resources. 

Leaders with common interests (academic affairs, registration, student affairs, international programs, etc.) meet regularly to learn from each other and solve problems.

Raleigh area residents have access to educational television, can find out about opportunities for them through living in this college-rich community and that government officials and college officials work on common goals. 

We are always looking for ways to contribute to our community and cooperate with community entities from city and county government, law enforcement, cultural institutions and nonprofits and businesses.

Making an impact

We exist solely to serve our community. Our mission is for the cooperation and collaboration amongst our six institutions to bolster the community as a whole and those living within it. The numbers speak for us.

19 million


According to a 2018 study, CRC colleges contributed an estimated $9 billion to the Wake County economy, accounting for 219,000 jobs in the area.

22 %

Wage & Salary

The totals represented 22% of all wage and salary income in the local economy and 40% of all Wake County jobs.

180 million

Income generated

Additionally, local public revenues and its municipalities derived from the total income generated by the CRC institutions are estimated to be $180 million 2017.


Cooperating Raleigh Colleges, which officially began on July 1, 1968, was founded as a consortium of six institutions of higher education in the City of Raleigh, N.C: Meredith College, North Carolina State University, Peace College, Saint Augustine’s College, Saint Mary’s College, and Shaw University.

Formal relations were instituted and headquartered in the office of Dr. John A. Yarborough, Professor and Head, Department of Biology, Meredith College.

Early Funding

Initial funding came from: The Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation, the Southern Education Foundation, and the IBM Corporation. The major continuing source of funding was from member institutions through dues.

How it's governed

The CRC Board of Directors and one professional designated as CRC Director govern & manage the operations of CRC. Representatives from each campus compose an advisory or operating committee, giving suggestions to the Director on program development and implementation.

key programming

Cross-registration is a founding principle of Cooperating Raleigh Colleges, and it gives students from each of the six campuses the opportunity to take courses from the other institutions.

TV Channel

In 1992, at the invitation of the City of Raleigh, CRC began the administration of the CRC Education channel, known now as Channel 18.

Meet the CRC Leadership

CRC is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with the Board of Directors composed of the presidents and chancellor of the member colleges and universities, chairs of the three key administrative committees and the organization’s director.

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Cooperating Raleigh Colleges

Cooperating Raleigh Colleges is a nonprofit consortium that promotes collaboration among higher education institutions in Raleigh, NC and with the Wake County community. We encourage the sharing of knowledge and resources among those who live in our community.

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