More About the Workshop

Taking on Neo-Diversity on Campus

Today, working on a college campus is a high wire act. Colleges and universities are no longer segregated to only one type of student with one type of background. College students today are a neo-diverse mix of backgrounds and experiences. With little training, staff of these colleges and universities are expected to have productive interactions with people, that is students, who are “…not like me.”  That can cause an anxiety about how to interact. That neo-diversity anxiety can get in the way of the professional work staff are trying their best to do. This workshop is designed to give participants strategies for dealing with their own neo-diversity anxiety in order to do their jobs living up to the high standards for productive social interactions they set for themselves. 

Learning outcomes: After participating in this workshop, you will leave with:

A clear definition of neo-diversity

A clear understanding of neo-diversity anxiety and its effects on social interaction

Five tips for interacting well in neo-diverse social encounters

Taking On Neo-Diversity On Campus Workshop Handout