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Why not get a taste of another college in the same city? Each of CRC’s six schools has course options that could enhance a full-time student’s college experience. And you can experience a different atmosphere without transferring. It’s easy and free for full-time students, but check out how each school handles the procedure. The program is available in fall and spring semesters and mainly for in-person courses. The registrars at all of the CRC campuses are the main source of information about cross-registration. You can go to the registrar’s office at your own school for information and for the forms to sign up or find more details and the approval form click the link below.

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Cross-Registration Details

Below, you will find the cross-registration policies for each of the member colleges along with their course catalogues. For more information regarding the policies, simply click the name of the college to be redirected to each school’s individual policy.

The Department of Registration and Records encourages all eligible students to take part in one of the inter-institutional registration programs offered at NC State

Students benefit from taking courses through CRC because they can take advantage of the resources provided by multiple colleges for no extra cost.

WPU offers a rare opportunity that few institutions in the country can match – the ability to share resources with other colleges in the area.

The student is required to meet registration requirements and to follow procedures being used at Shaw University and the college to be visited. Credit for courses taken at CRC institutions is processed and posted for Shaw University students the same as for courses taken in residence.

Stay tuned for updated information about cross-registration at St. Augustine’s University.

Each institution offers unique courses and programs that can enhance the college experience for any student. This includes technical, career, military science, performing arts, foreign languages and many other courses.

Disability Services

If you are interested in cross registering for a class but need help finding out more about resources through Disability Services, click the link below.

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CRC Library Borrowing

Need a book for research and your institution’s Library doesn’t carry it? Great news, you can borrow books from all CRC Libraries! To view the Library Use Agreement click here. You can also check out their webpages for for more information

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There’s something for everyone! Whether you’re a student at one of our six cooperating colleges, a staff or faculty member of the colleges or a member of the Raleigh community, you’re sure to find something useful!

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Cooperating Raleigh Colleges

Cooperating Raleigh Colleges is a nonprofit consortium that promotes collaboration among higher education institutions in Raleigh, NC and with the Wake County community. We encourage the sharing of knowledge and resources among those who live in our community.

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